"Dr. Sherman did a remarkable job regarding my Blepharoplasty surgery. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have had my surgery done by such a professional. He's very good at what he does. I am happy to say that my overall eyesight has improved and I would recommend Dr. Sherman to anyone who needs specialty eye care or surgery."



"I am a single working mother, at 46 my vision started being  blocked by clouds and shadows. Cataracts had set up home in both my eyes. It had gotten so bad I could barely see 15 feet in front of me. I had been helping with the care of my elderly parent as well as working. Trying to read her 15 prescriptions and reports from work were getting absolutely impossible to see even with reading glasses.  It was Thanksgiving. I just turned 47 when I'd leave work it was dark, and honestly, the head lights coming toward me would leave me completely blinded. I knew I had to do something. I was afraid my vision was too obstructed at night to drive and I have to work.
I called my sister who lives in Garden City and she told me about an article in a magazine about a Doctor in Garden City that can do cataract surgery in less than ten minutes.
I was in. Then I got scared, what if something goes wrong? I only have 2 eyes. I went online, read and researched, and looked up Dr. Sherman's information. I felt he was the right doctor for my surgery.
I scheduled my visit with Dr. Sherman office the next day. Arriving at Dr. Sherman's office for my appointment I was greeted by a friendly staff that seemed to really care, providing me with information about their services while I waited for the doctor.
Dr. Sherman was wonderful, he took time to talk to me and explain what he could do to help me and he did. I was very nervous and he would take the extra time to ask me about my feeling about the choices of care for my eyes. I decided to try the "restore" lens, although it really didn't fit my budget the staff showed me alternative ways to pay in an interest free program. He ran many test on my eyes before he schedule the surgery which was reassuring so we moved forward.
Seriously NO PAIN at all with the surgery and I can now read even the inserts inside of the eye drop medicines along with the label on those little bottles. Its amazing to see clearly again the colors I am so grateful and no glasses needed. Not only did he repair my vision he SAVED it as well, he discovered I have Glaucoma and he is successful keeping my pressure down so I will continue to see until my last days. He gave me back my independence, and my ability to help others and to see the world as it is not covered in clouds.
Thank you to the whole team at Physician Eye Care Associates, I sure appreciate all of them, truly!"
Happy Patient
Sherry Allen- Res. Dearborn Heights. MI


"My eye sight as an artist is essential.    
Since my cataract eye sugery this summer, my vision has been completly restored to 20/20.
Dr. Sherman and his staff treated my problem with great care and understanding.
I see much better after surgery than I ever have before.
I now expierence new colors in my paintings.

Yours Truly,

Georg Vihos



"I would like to say that Dr. Sherman is one of the greatest men I have ever met. He does an absolutely wonderful job with all of his patients. I am very happy with the results of my cataract surgery and I thank God every day that he was the doctor that did it. Dr. Sherman is a gift and I would never see another ophthalmologist after my spectacular experience.


Jhonny Aton